Toronto Arts Facts

Toronto Arts Facts is a publication of Toronto Arts Foundation, compiled and edited by Jini Stolk, Creative Trust Fellow, with Kathleen McLeod and Kasia Gladki. It gathers together key information about the arts in Toronto from a wide variety of research studies and statistical resources in the areas of the arts’ role in the economy, its impact on communities, and its place in people’s lives. Toronto Arts Facts is a source of fact-based information for funders, policy makers, and arts practitioners, and tells a compelling story about how the arts enliven and enrich Toronto’s neighbourhoods and local businesses; help young people gain purpose and confidence; enhance the livability of our city; build local pride; and play a central role in building the creative economy, engaged citizenry and social cohesion on which Toronto’s continued growth and prosperity depends.

Here you can find Toronto Arts Facts 2014 Comprehensive Bibliography.