Defining Artistic Vibrancy by Jackie Bailey
An interesting paper by Australia’s Major Performing Arts Board (MPAB), setting out their community’s understandings of what defines “artistic vibrancy”; the circumstances that create artistic vibrancy; and the organisational qualities and mechanisms which support a company to be artistically vibrant.
The Nimble Nonprofit: The Central Role of Adaptive Capacity in Building Organizational Capacity, by Karen Masaki, David Plettner and Mark Anderson
A study by the Hawai’i Community Foundation on why “nimbleness” or adaptive capacity — an organization’s ability to successfully navigate changed circumstances — is central to organizational capacity building. The results suggest that capacity building occurs best in a group setting including funders, grantees, peers and community leaders, and that “putting the grantees in the driver’s seat” improves outcomes by enhancing learning and leadership.
Making Adaptive Resilience Real by Mark Robinson
Study by Arts Council England describes the characteristics of resilient arts organisations (including a culture of shared purpose and values; predictable financial resources; a robust business model; strong networks and collaboration at all levels) and core adaptive skills (including adaptive capacity; leadership, management and governance clarity; and awareness of environment and performance.)
Understanding Community Relevance by Tandi Williams and Bridget Jones
Useful Discussion Paper from the Australia Council for the Arts on defining community relevance, raise the profile of relevant work in the performing arts sector and developing practical and flexible resources for reflecting on community relevance.
Frequently Asked Questions about Working Capital – Creative Trust
The definition and usefulness of working capital for arts organizations, and the difference between working capital and endowments.
The Nonprofit Starvation Cycle by Ann Goggins Gregory & Don Howard
The role of funders and their unrealistic expectations in regards to capacity and infrastructure; what they can do to break this cycle.
The Artful Manager
An interesting, thought-provoking and informative blog by Andrew Taylor for culture administrative leaders.
Arts Action Research
ARTS Action Research, closely involved in the development and work of Creative Trust, is widely recognized for its groundbreaking work in redefining the role, relationships, and operation of arts organizations in today’s challenging arts environment. Copies of their publications Growing Audiences, An Elegant Process and Leading Arts Boards are available for purchase at the Creative Trust office.
Neighbourhood Arts Network
The Neighbourhood Arts Network works to enhance quality of life through the arts at the neighbourhood level in Toronto, by supporting groups and individuals which provide community-engaged arts programming; a Toronto Arts Foundation initiative.
The Nonprofit Quarterly
The influential and invaluable Boston-based print and online periodical: “the Harvard Business Review of the nonprofit sector.”