Elements of a Mission Statement
A short document outlining key elements that should be included in an effective mission statement.
Arts Action Research
ARTS Action Research, closely involved in the development and work of Creative Trust, is widely recognized for its groundbreaking work in redefining the role, relationships, and operation of arts organizations in today’s challenging arts environment. Copies of their publications Growing Audiences, An Elegant Process and Leading Arts Boards are available for purchase at the Creative Trust office.
Mission Possible by Arts Marketing Association
This is a report from Arts Marketing Association’s AGM where they created an opportunity for delegates to dust the cobwebs off their company’s mission and vision statement, transforming it from a forgotten manuscript into a mandate for actively engaging audiences and visitors.
From Adequate to Outstanding Performance – Some Propositions on Nonprofit Organizational Life Cycles
This brief report, using the theory of organizational life cycles as a guiding framework, addresses the question: What distinguishes nonprofit organizations that achieve “outstanding” results from those that achieve “adequate” results?
Balancing Act: Learning from Organizing Practices in Cultural Industries
This paper outlines five polarities that are shaping organizational practices in cultural industries.