Human Resources

Employment Policies
A document outlining Creative Trust’s employment policies, including employment philosophy and policies for hiring, termination, and terms of employment.
Anti-Racism Policy
A sample policy from Creative Trust.
Executive Director Performance Review
A sample performance review format for an executive employee.
Letter of Agreement – Creative Trust
A sample Letter of Agreement between an employee and Creative Trust (the employer), including principle duties of the employee, entitled benefits, termination and term of employment.
Performance Review – Tafelmusik
A sample sheet documenting the language Tafelmusik uses when carrying out an employee performance review.
Anti-Racism Policy – Tafelmusik
Tafelmusik’s in-depth anti-racism policy, which is similar in nature and layout to Creative Trust’s, but with variations on wording.
The Art of Volunteer Management – Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and Chamber Choir and Opera Atelier
A document by two Creative Trust members on effective ways to work with volunteers.
Volunteers: General Rules and Guidelines – Tafelmusik
A document outlining the best ways to work with volunteers, including specific duties, volunteer safety and general first aid tips.
A treasure trove of tools, tips, templates, articles and research. WorkInCulture focuses on human resources and career development issues of workers, employed or self-employed, in Ontario’s arts and culture community. Their outstanding Human Resources Management Series (2004) in French & English, with the Cultural Human Resources Council, ranges from ¬Human Resources: An Overview, to ¬ Job Descriptions, ¬ Recruiting the Right People, ¬ Managing Employee Performance, ¬ Dealing with Challenge and Conflict, ¬ Coaching, Mentoring and Succession Planning, ¬ Benefits and Retirement Plans, Termination of Employment and¬ Best Practices in the Cultural Sector.
Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC)

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) brings together cultural workers and employers to address training, career development and other human resource issues.

HR Council for the Voluntary/Non-Profit SectorLearn more about Canada’s nonprofit labour force, and access free HR management tools and resources.
Ontario Museums Association (OMA)
Lots of tip sheets, sample policies, case studies and legislative links in the Member’s Area.
Human Resources in Small Organizations: Top Ten Tips
From the CCCO (WorkInCulture) HR SWAP MEET, Cathy Blackbourn, Ontario Museum Association.
Moneyless Staff Motivating: Top Ten Tips
From the CCCO (WorkInCulture) HR SWAP MEET, Brett Hendrie, HotDocs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival.
Creative Management in the Arts and Heritage: Sustaining and Renewing Professional Management For the 21st Century by Jocelyn Harvey
This paper identifies issues, challenges and gaps and offers recommendations to improve conditions for the retention and renewal of the management labour force and the recruitment of qualified young and new workers.
Making the Right Hire: Assessing a Candidate’s Fit with Your Nonprofit
Great tips and steps for assessing candidate’s cultural fit with the organization.
Does One Shoe Fit Everyone? A Comparison of Human Resource Management Across Countries by Dr. Carl F. Fey, Antonina Pavlovskaya & Ningyu Tang
Based on in-depth case studies of three Swedish multinational corporations, this paper compares the HRM practices used by these firms’ Chinese, Russian, and Finnish subsidiaries and highlights the important differences in HRM in the three countries in compensation systems, hiring practices and internal communication.
Presentations with Pizzazz: Top Ten Tips
From the CCCO (WorkInCulture) HR SWAP MEET, Micheline MacKay,
Rewarding Volunteers: Top Ten Tips
From the CCCO (WorkInCulture) HR SWAP MEET, Bob McCarthy, Manager of Volunteer Resources and Interns, Canadian Stage.