donorCentricsTM Internet Giving Benchmarking Analysis by Helen Flannery and Rob Harris of Target Analysis Group, Inc.
A comprehensive benchmarking analysis based on the proven best practices for online fundraising. This analysis clearly demonstrate just how large the opportunities are for online marketing, and how much we still have to learn about it to develop practices that work.
Perfecting Your Page: Can donation page optimization boost online giving? by Melissa Tooley, Director of Research & Analytics at Donordigital
All things you need to know about how to persuade your visitors to “click to donate now” and complete the donation transaction.
“I’m Not Rockefeller”: 33 High Net Worth Philanthropists Discuss Their Approach to Giving – by Kathleen Noonan | Katherina Rosqueta, from The Center for High Impact Philanthropy, School of Social Policy & Practice | University o f Pennsylvania
Read this before you start your Major Gift Campaign. Eye-opening feedback on how high net worth philanthropists, who have the capacity to give $1million a year and more, decide how to give.
Making Order Out of Chaos: How a Good Fundraising Database Can Help You Raise More Money – by Maria Petulla, from Grassroots Fundraising Journal, March/April 2008
The analogy of unorganized donor information to a closet filled with all the clothing you’ve ever owned, strewn in piles on the floor, spoke to me! If anyone in your organization is still questioning the value and benefits of upgrading your database, this is helpful reading.
Four Steps to Building a Fundraising Culture: A Case Study by Manish Vaidya, from Grassroots Fundraising Journal, November/December 2007
How a small nonprofit set about building a fundraising culture among staff and board members; building an infrastructure for fundraising; and building a clear identity: the essentials, clearly and helpfully set out.
Recession Watching Is Not An Option by Tony Elischer of THINK Consulting Solutions
A terrific “pep talk” on how to face the challenges of recession and donor pull-back – not, as it turns out, a once-in-a-lifetime experience for nonprofit organizations! Planning for different scenarios, holding strong, consulting, communicating, empathizing with donors, and keep on asking: working harder and smarter, according to Mr. Elischer, will help you emerge from financial difficulty as a stronger organization.
Fundraising: Doing it Better – Mo Davies, January 2007
A presentation from Mo Davies (Mo Davies & Associates) that offers essential fundraising concepts and talks about how to develop a fundraising plan and make a compelling case for support.
Engage Now! Jerry Yoshitomi, November 2007
Slides from a presentation on creating a competitive advantage to broaden, deepen and diversify participation in your organization; it addresses both audience development and fundraising tactics.
Fundraising Capacity Inventory – Mo Davies
Are you ready? A form that helps to assess the health of your organization and its readiness for a major fundraising campaign.
Grantwriting – Andrea Vagianos, October 2007
A presentation to Creative Trust members and students of the Schulich Business School Arts and Media MBA on how to create a successful grant application.
The Artful Manager
The most interesting, thought-provoking and informative arts blog going, Andrew Taylor’s Artful Manager seeks a new set of metaphors for the administrative leaders of arts and culture.
Assessing Your Fundraising Letter
A useful form to determine the effectiveness of your fundraising letters.
Face to Face – Tony Elischer, THINK Consulting Solutions
A short document that addresses the fears of asking for money face-to-face, and why that method is often the most effective one.
Revealing the Public Value
Examining the state of public value of the arts in Ohio, this document aims to shift the concept of the arts from transactional to transformational, providing significantly meaningful arts experiences.
SOFII – Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration
The SOFII website aims to be the most comprehensive, best organized, and most inspiring collection of fundraising related content from around the world; with its amazing gathering of exhibits, resources and articles, it succeeds.
Imagine Canada
Resources and research on giving and the health of the charitable sector from Canada’s major national voice for charities and nonprofits.
Donor Motivations Study – WolfBrown Consulting, 2009
The San Francisco Foundation and East Bay Community Foundation commissioned Helicon Collaborative and WolfBrown to study the values and motivations of donors to FFAMC projects, and capture useful lessons about the program and the fundraising strategies used by its recipients.