2011 Portfolio by Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance
The 2011 Portfolio provides information on the health, breadth, and diversity of Southeastern Pennsylania cultural sector, including the first comprehensive look at the effects of the recession on the region’s nonprofit arts and cultural organizations.
Taking Your Fiscal Pulse – Fall 2011 by Theatre Communications Group
This snapshot survey of 350 not-for-profit theatres helped theatre leaders benchmark their organization’s condition relative to others so that they can understand how the field is maneuvering through economic crisis.
Case for Change Capital in the Arts by Nonprofit Finance Fund
A series on the need for, and uses of capital in the arts, an initiative to deploy a specific kind of investment – change capital – to help arts organizations adapt their programming, operations and finances to thrive in a changed and changing economic and cultural landscape.
Deficit Reduction Plan – Toronto Dance Theatre
A proposed deficit reduction plan created by Creative Trust member Toronto Dance Theatre.
Finance for the Arts in Canada – Heather Clara Young
An introduction and ordering information for Canada’s most complete, useful and arts-manager-friendly book on finances for not-for-profit arts organizations: everything from double entry bookkeeping to budgeting to financial analysis and effective reporting.
Nonprofit Finance Fund
The Nonprofit Finance Fund provides financing, consulting, and advocacy services to nonprofits and funders nationwide. Based in the United States, the organization works with both organizations and funders to ensure a financially health not-for-profit community.