Boards and Governance

Organizational Health – creativity, communication & relationships by Jane Marsland

Minnesota Council of Nonprofit’s Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence

A thoughtful note on succession planning and boards by Canadian Federation of Friends of Museums
A useful Primer for Directors of Not-for-Profit Corporations: Rights, Duties and Practices from Industry Canada;
The Make-It-Or-Break-It Member of the Governance Team
An interesting piece on organizational governance by Jim Brown
Board Handbook, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, September 2010
An excellent sample of a Board Handbook from Creative Trust member Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.
Committee Roles and Responsibilities
A sample governance policy from Creative Trust.
Conflict of Interest Policy
A sample governance policy from Creative Trust.
Governance Policies
An overview of the policies that govern Creative Trust.
Investment Policy
A sample governance policy from Creative Trust.
Committee Roles and Responsibilities
A sample governance policy from Creative Trust.
Roles and Responsibilities of Board and Staff
A sample governance policy from Creative Trust.
Board Committee Structure – Toronto Dance Theatre
An example of a structure for a board of directors shared by the Toronto Dance Theatre.
Board Member Work Plan – Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and Chamber choir
An excellent sample from Creative Trust member Tafelmusik, outlining an individualized work plan for a hypothetical Tafelmusik board member, with specific actions to be taken and a check-in date by which tasks are expected to be completed.
By-Laws – Dance Umbrella of Ontario
A sample document of the by-laws governing the Dance Umbrella of Ontario; this is a good example of the layout and language typically used in such a document.
Seven Warning Signs that Something May Not Be Right in Your Nonprofit
Institutional changes and signs that should call a board to take action on Executives.
20 Questions Directors of Not-For-Profit Organizations Should Ask about Strategy and Planning by Hugh Lindsay
In order for the board of directors to be actively involved in the development and approval of organizational strategy they need to understand why the organization exists, the interests of its stakeholders and how it manages the risks it faces.
Board Development  Hiring and Performance Appraisal of the Executive Director 
A self-guided workbook by The Muttart Foundation and the Government of Alberta to provide practical guidance and assistance for hiring and conducting a performance appraisal of executive director.
Board DevelopmentDrafting & Revising Bylaws For Not-For-Profit Organizations In Alberta
Guidelines to consider when incorporating a society and drafting bylaws and incorporation documents for a society by The Muttart Foundation and the Government of Alberta
Board Development – Financial Responsibilities Of Not-for-Profit Boards
A self-guided workbook by The Muttart Foundation and the Government of Alberta for the non-financial board member providing basic information and practical approaches that transform a list of numbers into helpful information.
Board Development Developing Job Descriptions For Board Members Of Nonprofit Organizations
A self-guided workbook by The Muttart Foundation and the Government of Alberta to help board members develop and rewrite job descriptions that reflect the responsibilities of serving on a nonprofit board.
Board Building – Recruiting and Developing Effective Board Members for Non-for-Profit Organizations
A self-guided workbook by The Muttart Foundation and the Government of Alberta that discusses recruiting, developing and retaining appropriate individuals in “Board Building” cycle for the lifespan of organization.
Arts Action Research
ARTS Action Research, closely involved in the development and work of Creative Trust, is widely recognized for its groundbreaking work in redefining the role, relationships, and operation of arts organizations in today’s challenging arts environment. Copies of their publications Growing Audiences, An Elegant Process and Leading Arts Boards are available for purchase at the Creative Trust office.
Board Development – United Way of Canada
This website, created by the United Way of Canada, provides in-depth information, resources and links on boards of directors and the governance of not-for-profit organizations.
Business for the Arts
Business for the Arts is a Canadian organization that exists to strengthen arts and culture in Canada by building partnerships between businesses and arts communities. They also run the website Board Link which connects arts organizations to business professionals looking to volunteer on a board or committee.
Building on Strength: Improving Governance and Accountability in Canada’s Voluntary Sector Commonly known as The Broadbent Report after Chairman Ed Broadbent, this is the best and most complete overview of governance in Canada’s voluntary sector. “The goal of our report is to enhance the effectiveness and credibility of the voluntary sector in its ongoing role of strengthening civil society.”
Voluntary Boards and Executive Directors: A Relationship for Organizational Stability, Imagine Canada 2007
Common challenges, practices and characteristics of a strong executive director/board chair relationship.
Ten Dimensions that Shape Your Board, Kim Sundet Vanderwall and Ellen Benavides, October 2008
This astute workbook, derived from interviews with nonprofits in Minnesota, is designed to help boards ask the right questions about their roles and activities.
Problem Boards or Board Broblem? William P. Ryan, Richard P. Chait, and Barbara E. Taylor Nonprofit Quarterly Summer 2003
A refreshing take on the real purpose of boards.
Questions the Board Should Ask About CEO Evaluation, Canadian Co-operative Association, June 2007
This document focuses on the mutual benefit of everyone knowing what’s expected and what needs to be accomplished; the strategic importance of setting goals together to ensure success of the organization; and how to bring outside input and ideas into the discussion.
Hiring and Performance Appraisal of the Executive Director, Muttart Foundation and Board Development Program(Alberta Community Development, Government of Alberta)This workbook is a guide for boards of directors who are in the process of hiring a new executive director and/or providing the executive director with a performance appraisal.