Arts Education

Perfroming Arts Education Overview
First-ever study of education activities by 50 performing arts companies in Toronto and area. A joint project of Creative Trust, PAONE (the Professional Arts Organizations Network for Education,) and Hill Strategies Research.
Arts Education in Chicago Public Schools
A comprehensive study commisssioned by Chicago Community Trust in 2011 to identify how arts organizations can better and more effectively serve Chicago Public Schools through arts education programming. The Ravinia Festival, the Art Institute of Chicago, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, and the League of Chicago Theaters were selected to represent their respective disciplines (music, visual arts, dance, and theatre/literary arts) and spearhead the research on 178 arts organizations.
Teaching Artists and the Future of Education
by National Opinion Research Centre at the University of Chicago
The Teaching Artist Research Project
was conducted in a dozen communities from Boston to San Diego between 2008 and 2011 to expand demand, improve conditions and improve quality of work of/for teaching artists. More than 3500 artists and program managers completed a survey, and over 200 key informants were interviewed in the various sites.
Art Museum Education Programs Survey – Museum-Ed
A 2003 survey (the first of its kind in the museum world) of 85 art museums across the U.S. regarding the principal types of programs undertaken by their education departments. This report is one of many excellent documents available on
Arts and Community: A Discussion Paper – Arts and Community Working Group – Canadian Conference for the Arts, 1999
This paper raises still provocative questions about the state of arts and culture in Canada: what can the cultural community do to build bridges to a larger and more diverse public?, what are the benefits arts and culture bring to people and communities?, and how can funders help build stronger linkages between the arts and communities?
Arts Learning in Dallas (Key Persons Interviews) – Annenberg Institute for School Reform and Big Thought, 2006
A summary of surveys taking a look at how the City of Dallas views the state of its arts programs, and where arts education fits into that landscape.
Arts Learning in Dallas (Parent Survey Research) – Annenberg Institute for School Reform and Big Thought, 2006
A summary of surveys of parents and guardians of school-age children in Dallas, regarding the state of arts education in the city.
Arts Learning in Dallas (Arts Learning Provider Research) – Annenberg Institute for School Reform and Big Thought, 2006
A summary of surveys of education administrators and organizations that offer arts education programs in Dallas, regarding the state of arts education in the city.
Mission Unaccomplished – Sara Robinson and Teo Greenstreet for Mission, Models, Money, October 2006
A provocative report addressing the place of education and learning in the UK’s national and regional performing arts and cultural organizations.
A New Framework for Building Participation in the Arts by Kevin F. McCarthy and Kimberly Jinnett
A famous RAND study of efforts by arts organizations across the U.S. to expand public participation in their programs. The report’s purpose is twofold: to better understand the process by which individuals become involved in the arts, and to identify how arts institutions can most effectively influence this process.
The Qualities of Quality: Understanding Excellence in Arts Education June 2009, Wallace Foundation
Project Zero
is an educational research group at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University. Project Zero’s mission is to understand and enhance learning, thinking, and creativity in the arts, and humanistic and scientific disciplines.
Think Creatively! A Forum for integrating the arts into our children’s lives 2008, Prologue to the Performing Arts
A Canadian conference bringing together presenters, educators, performing artists and community presenters; reports on workshops, panel and group discussions.
Grantmakers in the Arts (US)
GIA’s arts education page is a wealth of publications, resources and links on arts education and how funders work with the education sector.
UNESCO Arts and learning
The Canadian Commission for UNESCO works in partnership with the Canada Council for the Arts and other partners to promote a greater awareness of the benefits of arts and creativity within Canadian schools and the broader community, in order to strengthen mutual understanding and interaction and build a culture of peace and respect for cultural diversity.
Learning to Live, Living to Learn: Canadian Perspectives on Arts Education, August 2005,Ottawa
A series of five consultations on arts education involving approximately 150 participants, representing government and non-governmental organizations, and all provinces and territories. Issues include arts education and creativity; accessibility; quality in arts education; challenges and strengthening the role of arts and learning.
Canadian reflections on Arts and Learning. Ottawa 2006, Created for the World Conference on Arts Education Lisbon 2006
A compilation of information gleaned through six facilitated workshops around the four main discussion points at the Lisbon conference: Advocacy (Why is Arts Education Important?); Impact and Benefits of Arts Education; Strategies for Promoting Arts Education Policies; and Teacher Training Policies.
Report for Canada on Arts Education CMEC March 2010,UNESCO Questionnaire on the Implementation of the Road Map for Arts Education Report for Canada March 2010
Report of questionnaire sent out to all 13 educational jurisdictions in Canada in preparation of the conference in Seoul in 2010, it provides a snapshot of goals, programs, research, and strategies in arts education focusing on the aims of arts education concepts related to arts education; essential strategies for effective arts education; research on arts education; and knowledge sharing.
Measuring Joy: Evaluation at Baltimore Clayworks by Deborah Bedwell, Executive Director
One of the classic and most inspiring case studies on how to use Outcome-Based Evaluation to understand and document the impact of arts projects.
WolfBrown Consulting
Stay on top of the research and studies of Alan Brown, of Creative Trust’s Engaging Audiences Project, and his colleagues at WolfBrown, on topics including audience engagement, arts education and donor motivation; be sure to sign up for On Our Minds, their informative and thought-provoking e-newsletter.
Arts education in America: What the declines mean for arts participation, National Endowment for the Arts, Nick Rabkin and E.C. Hedberg, based on the 2008 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts
The NEA’s 2008 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts reported a 5 percentage point decline in arts participation by Americans, which in this document is related to the decline in arts education: “Arts education in childhood is the most significant predictor of both arts attendance and personal arts creation throughout the rest of a person’s life.” The NEA has responded by funding arts education projects in every Congressional district in America!