Our Mentors greatly enriched Creative Trust by providing invaluable insights, experience and expertise to our program and activities.

George Thorn and Nello McDaniel – Arts Action Research
We are enormously grateful to George Thorn and Nello McDaniel, whose organization Arts Action Research, has been widely celebrated for its work in redefining the role, relationships and operation of arts organizations in today’s arts world. Arts Action Research has worked with organizations of all sizes and disciplines and always works to help improve each organization by creating plans derived from their artistic process. Creative Trust’s core values, understanding of organizational health, and supportive, arts-centred approach were guided from the beginning by their insights and wisdom.

Alan Brown – WolfBrown
Alan Brown’s leading work on engaging audiences was central to Creative Trust’s Audiences Project; under his guidance we  explored research and best practices; conducted a survey of Toronto arts audiences’ engagement preferences; and undertook extensive audience interviews. Alan and his colleagues at WolfBrown work with arts organizations to improve and reach their potential, not only by helping them to understand funder and audience engagement but also by deepening the engagement of arts leaders themselves.

Kelly Hill – Hill Strategies Research
Kelly Hill, Hill Strategies’ founder and president, is widely known and respected as a researcher within the Canadian arts community, taking social science research techniques and applying them to the arts sector. Hill Strategies Research has developed a broad network and knowledge base regarding the arts community, and was an essential partner in Creative Trust’s Audience Engagement Survey and Performing Arts Education Study.