Creative Trust worked between 1998 and 2012 to support and strengthen performing arts companies in Toronto. It was conceived by mid-size music, theatre and dance companies who wished to work together to improve their financial standing. After completing a successful three-year drive to raise endowment funds we turned our attention to the organizational health and sustainability of our companies.

Working Capital for the Arts, which began in 2003, became a model for capacity building in the cultural sector. Through a combination of deficit reduction incentives and working capital awards with individual assistance, workshops, seminars and roundtables, we assisted over 50 mid-size and small companies to eliminate deficits, create working capital reserves and improve their governance, planning and management skills.

In 2008 Creative Trust began two new initiatives essential to achieving our objective of building a sustainable community: helping companies undertake capital projects to upgrade and repair their aging facilities; and engaging companies in a comprehensive audience development program. Their goal, like that of the Working Capital program, was to ensure a thriving performing arts community.

For more information on Creative Trust contact Jini Stolk.