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All about me

by Jini Stolk I’ve been finding out some interesting things about myself recently. (No: not that I sometimes need a few weeks’ break from writing blog posts; even more interesting than that.) First of all, my “innovation style” is that of a meerkat – collaborative, interested and solution- focused. I and other meerkats “know that having […]

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by Jini Stolk We all make mistakes, but these are some I hope we can avoid in 2016. Dropping past board members like hot potatoes. A number of people have told me they’ve been mystified when a charity they’ve been deeply involved with seems to forget them when they leave the board. Communication dwindles…invitations dry […]

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Collaboration techniques

by Jini Stolk My coffee shop has a lot of artists. I like observing as they discuss a screenplay, script, or production. Ideas are bounced from one person to another; notes are made; concepts are sketched out; and once the last latte is finished, everyone has a better sense of what the final product will […]

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Supporting the next generation with generosity and shared purpose

by Jini Stolk I hear a lot about the need for change in the structure and leadership of arts organizations; I hear less about the many important changes that are already taking place. Don’t throw eggs: I’m not saying that the nonprofit arts have solved their problems and are all set to compete in our […]

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Skills and talents

by Jini Stolk As you know, I’ve never really bought into the idea that collaboration can be learned despite the wide-spread call among nonprofits and for-profit companies for skills-development in this area. I’ve observed that some people leap eagerly at opportunities to work collaboratively while others are dragged to such work warily and reluctantly; in my […]

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Collaboration: skill or instinct?

by Jini Stolk I’ve been invited to speak at an exciting new series in Peterborough: the Peterborough Centre for Social Innovation’s Innovation Talks. Ella Cooper from Neighbourhood Arts Network and I will be talking about collaboration and creative problem-solving to an audience from the worlds of business, nonprofits, government, economic development, academia, and the arts. […]

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Advice for the Mayor’s arts task force

I don’t know why, but I found myself thinking about the Mayor’s Arts and Theatres Task Force, currently examining Toronto’s arts support and the future of three City-owned theatres,  when reading If You’re Serious about System Reform, Peter Block Has a Recipe for You in Maytree’s October newsletter . Block says that real institutional or […]

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Awards, Collaborations, and New Funding for Disability Arts

All Together Again to Celebrate John McKellar Arts Patron John McKellar received Business for the Arts’ prestigious Bovey Award on October 6 at the Carlu where Creative Trust joined the many grateful recipients of John’s generosity – which includes conceiving and producing All Together Now: Creative Trust’s October 27, 2003 gala launch, attended by 1,000 people at the […]

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