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The next Canada and the arts

by Jini Stolk The “debate over audience diversity” recently discussed by Kate Taylor in the Globe and Mail is, as was pointed out, more a necessity than a debate. And the answer to the question of where it should start seems to me to be “everywhere, in many companies, in many different ways” – until, as […]

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Good governance includes diversifying boards

by Jini Stolk The Art of Good Governance: Getting the Basics Right, a workshop I presented on November 17th, was the kick-off to Get on Board, a new project of the Toronto Arts Foundation and Business for the Arts to strengthen the arts community by bringing members of arts boards together to learn and share. […]

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Realizing the full potential of your events

by Jini Stolk We’ve all organized events where, at the end of the night, we ask ourselves “why?” We may have had a good turn out; all the work that went into getting in-kind donations may have paid off in auction income. But…did we develop new supporters? Did we engage attenders so they’ll come back […]

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Anti-spam spam

by Jini Stolk Like you, I’ve been overwhelmed by an onslaught of anti-spam compliance emails over the past few weeks. I’ve heard from companies whose messages I’ve been receiving, in some cases for the last twenty years, and with whom I have an established and very happy artistic and commercial relationship. I’ve heard from organizations […]

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Great emails, great results

by Jini Stolk Speaking of emails. I said in a recent post that “good online fundraising rests on a very firm basis of excellent email capture and communications” so I think it’s only fair to say a few words on how to do that in our new CASL age. Dunham + Company has been sending […]

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Supporting the next generation with generosity and shared purpose

by Jini Stolk I hear a lot about the need for change in the structure and leadership of arts organizations; I hear less about the many important changes that are already taking place. Don’t throw eggs: I’m not saying that the nonprofit arts have solved their problems and are all set to compete in our […]

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Living in the future

by Jini Stolk Being on the right side of history definitely involves being diverse and inclusive onstage, backstage, in the office, on the board, and in the theatre. We’ve been incredibly lucky in Toronto to have experienced on our stages the artistic contributions of one of the world’s most varied gatherings of cultures, ethnicities, races […]

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It’s always the art

by Jini Stolk I recently wrote about The Theatre Centre’s opening without mentioning the word art. It was deliberate: my piece was about the community impact of arts spaces and I wanted to focus on neighbourhood animation, cultural venues as the primary public meeting spaces of our time, and the craft of fundraising. But then […]

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How fun was that?

by Jini Stolk I had no idea how joyful the process of dancing with Toronto Dance Theatre would be. We were warmly welcomed, beautifully cared for by everyone in the company, and invited to explore the power of our imaginations – and it quickly became clear that we were going to be truly dancing, learning […]

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Audiences and Facilities

by Jini Stolk Some of the most important topics for any arts organization or community are Audiences and Facilities. We are delighted to announce the release of two new Creative Trust Open Source Tool Kits on the work we did in these areas. These are also the final publications in our series of nine publications sharing our […]

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