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Our unique leadership model

by Jini Stolk Half way through a NPQ webinar on Nonprofit Leadership Transitions and Organizational Sustainability (which will be very helpful in planning our November 27th Creative Champions workshop on Succession Planning) it hit me. The performing arts has for years been using a shared or co-leadership model that the wider non-profit community has recently […]

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Boards adding value

by Jini Stolk I had a conversation this morning with a long-time arts board member who feels that now, just as when he first started, most board members don’t understand what they’re supposed to be doing. He personally took the time to mentor new board members and his board developed, over time, a detailed description […]

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How and why people attend

by Jini Stolk The more you know about your audiences and why they attend, the more successful you’ll be at filling your house. That’s the theory. Not everyone is as immersed in research as I am. And that’s okay. The National Endowment for the Arts research paper When Going Gets Tough: Barriers and Motivations Affecting […]

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Reading and writing

by Jini Stolk I’ve been thinking recently about my favorite pastime, reading. It’s more than just a lifetime joy (although it certainly is that.) The proliferation of book clubs, across ages and other demographics, indicates that reading helps answer a deeply felt need for thoughtful discussion and exchange of views. Book Clubs for Inmates at […]

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