Creating a network of champions

by Jini Stolk

It was exciting to be part of the first advisory meeting of the Toronto Arts Foundation’s new Creative Champions Network. Even more exciting was the enthusiasm for bringing arts board members together to learn and connect, and the great new ideas that were generated.

The Network’s goal, under the Honorary Chairmanship of John D. McKellar, is to develop the engagement and impact of Toronto’s more than 1,200 arts board members – providing them with resources and opportunities to learn about the expectations and practice of good governance; share experiences and learn from each other; understand the context, trends and outside forces impacting their work; and become even more powerful champions of the arts.

Certainly, the response to the first Get on Board workshops on the Art of Good Governance: Getting the Basics Right was clear: board members are eager to learn how to contribute as fully as possible to the health and success of the arts organizations on whose boards they serve.

The idea of creating a network of board members is a first, not only in the arts, but in the non-profit sector. We believe it can have a powerful impact on the artistic growth and organizational development of individual organizations – and on the arts community as a whole.

If you or members of your board want to get involved and receive the Creative Champions monthly mailing, with helpful resources and information on upcoming workshops and events, drop a note to Michelle Yeung at the Toronto Arts Foundation (


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