Be it resolved

by Jini Stolk

Is it ever too late to make New Year’s resolutions? I think not.

It’s certainly never too late to share Vu Le’s list of Ten Resolutions for the Nonprofit Sector for 2015. If you are one of those people who still think the arts are not really, truly, part of the non-profit sector, I defy you to find any of these that you don’t think the arts community should adopt.

How about saving yourself time and disappointment by having all the essentials in place before writing this year’s grant applications: key messages (fine-tuned so they’re clear, persuasive and inspiring); a concise case for support; research, evaluation and project plans; and a list of alternative prospects in case your first proposal is turned down.

Why not write lovely notes to people who attend your shows, like Tarragon does, thanking them for coming, inviting feedback and comments, and letting them know how they can save money on future visits.

Consider whether you can make a strong argument that your show or event will draw tourists, boost the local economy and create jobs. If so, get in touch with the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, which helps arts and cultural organizations develop, promote and present unique events and exhibitions that bring visitors to communities across the province.

And finally, resolve to lose 5 pounds (again) and to take a break this winter like I’m doing by spending this month in sunny Mexico. See you soon.

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