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Board members as donors

by Jini Stolk Should each board member make a personal donation to your organization? Yes. How much should they give? From each according to their ability… I’m not sure why anyone would want to join an arts board without being excited enough about the work to want to personally support it, and bring friends, family […]

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Creating a network of champions

by Jini Stolk It was exciting to be part of the first advisory meeting of the Toronto Arts Foundation’s new Creative Champions Network. Even more exciting was the enthusiasm for bringing arts board members together to learn and connect, and the great new ideas that were generated. The Network’s goal, under the Honorary Chairmanship of […]

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Funding reform

by Jini Stolk Toronto’s arts community enjoys the unique privilege of having arms-length funding bodies at all three levels of government, specifically mandated to support our work. We have the possibility of ongoing operating support; places to go with project proposals; and a built-in connection through peer juries to community feedback and oversight. The Arts […]

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Be it resolved

by Jini Stolk Is it ever too late to make New Year’s resolutions? I think not. It’s certainly never too late to share Vu Le’s list of Ten Resolutions for the Nonprofit Sector for 2015. If you are one of those people who still think the arts are not really, truly, part of the non-profit […]

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