Gifts for you

by Jini Stolk

The joys of giving and receiving loom large at this time of year. And to my mind the pleasure of giving is much more rewarding than that of getting – happily for those on my seasonal gift list…and equally happily for those of us sending out our year-end donation requests.

I think most of us understand that charitable giving isn’t really about money. Fundraising is a way to “help…people follow their own interests, express their values, and advance their own aspirations” according to Simone Joyaux; our work as fundraisers is about emotional fulfillment. Studies have shown that giving makes people happier, and even improves our health.

So, for my personal well-being and because I wish to share the delights of the season with you, I’m offering the following hand-picked gifts:

This is for those of you who love opera, and are especially fond of Mozart’s Magic Flute.

Many of you have embraced the chills, thrills and sheer fun of improv; this will hone your competitive edge.

Orchestral music has a timeless appeal ; as does the magic of dance.

This package combines theatre, film, music and movement, with cats  – what more could anyone desire, in this or any other season?

Happy holidays to all.



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