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Gifts for you

by Jini Stolk The joys of giving and receiving loom large at this time of year. And to my mind the pleasure of giving is much more rewarding than that of getting – happily for those on my seasonal gift list…and equally happily for those of us sending out our year-end donation requests. I think […]

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by Jini Stolk We all make mistakes, but these are some I hope we can avoid in 2016. Dropping past board members like hot potatoes. A number of people have told me they’ve been mystified when a charity they’ve been deeply involved with seems to forget them when they leave the board. Communication dwindles…invitations dry […]

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Wanted: master storytellers

by Jini Stolk This is the right time of year to acknowledge the power and lasting impact of well-told stories. I was recently electrified by this interview with FrameWorks Institute’s Susan Nall Bales (author of the paradigm-changing, for those who were paying attention, Wanted: Master Storytellers), about how nonprofits frame the issues they’re engaged in. […]

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Financial leadership for Executive Directors

by Jini Stolk Fair is fair. In my last posts I wrote about the Board’s financial responsibilities – so I’d like to say a few words on the Managing or Executive Director’s crucial role in financial strategy and oversight. The invaluable Nonprofit Quarterly published (on Christmas day four years ago, I just noticed) an exceptionally helpful […]

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