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Heritage preservation and the arts

by Jini Stolk Matera is a beautiful city in southern Italy, whose Romanesque cathedral overlooks a deep ravine lined with ancient cave dwellings, which may have been human settlements from as long ago as 7,000 B.C. These sassi were inhabited until the 1960’s when their unhealthy living conditions and poverty became known as “the shame […]

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Fear of advocacy

by Jini Stolk When one of the non-profit sector’s most authoritative online journals covers the Canada Revenue Agency’s “intrusive and damaging audits” of certain nonprofits you know you’re in trouble. The Nonprofit Quarterly’s story Newspapers protest attack-by-audit of Canadian charities notes that as many as 52 charitable organizations had come under CRA scrutiny by the […]

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Death and taxes

by Jini Stolk Nothing, it is said, can be certain except death and taxes but I wonder how often anyone has spoken to you, as an artist or arts manager, about wills and inheritance. That’s what I thought: never. I mention this because friends recently inherited a beautiful collection of paintings left by an artist […]

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Earn more money

by Jini Stolk Let’s forget about phrases like “up-sell” and “cross-sell”, although they’re scattered liberally throughout a 7-minute Audience View video I like. Let’s think instead about how we can boost sales and income by putting ourselves in the shoes of our audience members when they’re buying tickets. Since EVERY performing arts organization is a […]

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