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Talking business

by Jini Stolk Business for the Arts recently launched their online sponsorship tutorial kit – another reminder that BftA has seized hold of the field of corporate support for the arts in a most marvellous way, providing matching programs, workshops, online learning, awards, young professional board recruitment and training, and more. The sponsorship tutorial is […]

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Audience observations

by Jini Stolk Curtain times: I quite enjoyed the 3-hour theatre/musical production I saw recently, but I can’t say I remember much from the crucially important final half hour. It would have been lovely to have had a clearer sense of how the show ended, so I will ask again: can we consider earlier curtain […]

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Diversity in casting and beyond

bu Jini Stolk Some controversies should be consigned to history, but the fact that Native Earth Performing Arts is hosting a Community Forum about diverse casting on May 26th, featuring a panel of distinguished Artistic Directors, proves that this particular issue is still, unfortunately, alive and kicking. Somewhere in my dusty files I have an […]

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Relying on the crowd

by Jini Stolk Crowd fundraising isn’t going away soon. Just keeping an eye on the various campaigns and approaches coming my way has been an engrossing pursuit. I might as well say right now that one Indiegogo campaign I contributed to – which has been doing absolutely everything right and exceeded their $20,000 goal with […]

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