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Building trust

by Jini Stolk I’ve had many fascinating conversations since my recent post on self-interest as a largely unacknowledged factor in successful collaborative initiatives. This led me to think about another essential component of collaborations that work: trust. Because it was part of our name, identity, values and process at Creative Trust, trust was much discussed […]

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So you think you know about dance?

by Jini Stolk I’ve always understood dance as a human instinct, a way to express happiness, sexuality or other emotions through movement. When you add in the dancer’s gifts of musicality, grace, strength, balance, speed and courage – what’s not to like? A new survey – part of Dance Across Canada, a major research project funded […]

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Many paths to raising funds

by Jini Stolk More and more people have been asking for advice on fundraising. I don’t mind. I know that a big fundraising goal can feel as scary as crossing a crocodile-infested estuary. But in the interest of making it less terrifying than zip lining across a 200-foot gorge, here are a few helpful ideas: […]

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Awesome! We’re mobile-friendly

by Jini Stolk Since I’m not part of the SEO community I missed the shock waves that swept through it when Google announced that their mobile search rules are being rejigged to favour websites compatible with mobile devices. What this means to the arts world is that we’re going to see a drop in site visits, […]

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