It’s easy bein’ green

by Jini Stolk

As we prepare for Earth Day (April 22, coming up soon), I thought we could start with something simple – something we can all tackle without special expertise or additional expense.

This piece by Leanne Hitchcock for Hilborn, talks about how to organize an environmentally friendly event – from choosing a city with a good transportation system (gosh, I hope Toronto still qualifies), to providing public transportation passes (for performers, volunteers, guests?), using email to send materials, and promoting the event using social media.

Use recycled paper when you can (Step Forward Paper made from recycled wheat waste, gave a presentation at CSI last year); and recycled ink. Reuse materials on site, reuse linens and choose centerpieces that are sustainable, such as plants. Use technology like TIFF’s event app for schedules and tickets. Provide recycling bins for bottles and paper; better yet eliminate bottled water entirely. Choose a responsible caterer who uses locally sourced food; donate your leftovers to an organization like Second Harvest. Don’t (just) provide a map to the closest parking lot; let people know about the nearest transit stop.

I bet you’re already doing 75% or more of these things. Make Kermit the Frog proud: do them all.

Broadway Green Alliance (BGA) has teamed up with The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to offer advice on eco-intelligent products and practices for theatres across the(ir) country…and we, in this country, are welcome to make use of it.

And don’t forget that Toronto-based organizations may be eligible for the Sustainable Energy Fund Financing program for Non-Profits. Cut-and-paste project information onto this simple, informal “Intent to Apply” form and program staff will respond quickly with feedback.

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