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Collaboration techniques

by Jini Stolk My coffee shop has a lot of artists. I like observing as they discuss a screenplay, script, or production. Ideas are bounced from one person to another; notes are made; concepts are sketched out; and once the last latte is finished, everyone has a better sense of what the final product will […]

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On diversity

by Jini Stolk We all read Joseph Recinos’ Where are the Minority Voices in Theatre. I know we did. Here are some thoughts I think are relevant: Vu Le finds recent stats on diversity in nonprofit leadership in the States (only 8% of board members are people of color; nearly a third of nonprofit boards don’t […]

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It’s easy bein’ green

by Jini Stolk As we prepare for Earth Day (April 22, coming up soon), I thought we could start with something simple – something we can all tackle without special expertise or additional expense. This piece by Leanne Hitchcock for Hilborn, talks about how to organize an environmentally friendly event – from choosing a city […]

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Words from on high

by Jini Stolk, Pope Francis – the very definition of an impeccable source – has been laying down some home truths about weaknesses and shortcomings within the Vatican bureaucracy, which can affect “any administrative organization (or) community …and can strike at both the individual and the corporate level.” Here are some leadership failures to avoid […]

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Paying artists

by Jini Stolk My heart breaks every time I hear a talented artist say they’re not going to pay themselves in order to get their show on stage. I know: that means I spend a lot of time broken hearted, but I think it’s a problem we should be talking about more often. Without question, […]

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Fundraising tips

by Jini Stolk It’s always interesting to look at the stats. According to Statistics Canada and the team at Hilborn the vast majority of Canadians (82%) made financial donations to a charitable or nonprofit organization in 2013. And, between 2010 and 2013, the total amount Canadians donated to charities or nonprofits  increased by 14% to $12.8 […]

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Win win win

by Jini Stolk As you know, I was entranced by British ceramicist Claire Twomey’s installation at the Gardiner Museum – so much so that I joined hundreds of other enthusiasts for the Free Art Piece by Piece opportunity at the close of the show.  Who wouldn’t be willing to stand in line on a winter […]

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Control your daily schedule

by Jini Stolk I don’t know about you, but it’s getting away from me again. Perhaps things would be better if we followed some of Peter Drucker’s classic advice and systematically trimmed time wasters from our schedule, asking of all activities “What would happen if I were starting from scratch – would I still be doing […]

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