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Asking our audiences

by Jini Stolk Theatre Passe Muraille has been inserting a simple and appealing audience survey in its show programmes. We Want to Hear From You asks for thoughts about the show (such as “What would you say to a person who has not bought a ticket yet?” and “What part of the show had the […]

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The future of shared platforms

by Jini Stolk I thought about calling this post “Shared platforms: the future”, but I’m not yet sure that’s the way it will go. At this point, there’s a lot of discussion, an insightful research paper by Jane Marsland and funder support for new “platforms” that take on major components of the administration of small arts […]

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Fundraising and your board

by Jini Stolk It was recently my pleasure to present a webinar on Fundraising and Your Board for Business for the Arts Mentorship program. Two hours (which felt at first like a very generous timespan) flew by, with interesting questions calling up new thoughts, perspectives and avenues for discussion. I’m hoping that I may have […]

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Greening our buildings

by Jini Stolk “Under threat of possible city punishment, landlords of no-frills Class B buildings step up their game.” So goes the subtitle of a piece, reprinted in the Globe and Mail, about a rash of energy efficiency initiatives in New York’s old commercial buildings. Owners are saving significantly on energy, although they haven’t yet […]

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