Saying thanks

by Jini Stolk

Now that you’re back in the office, I hope you’ve been busy opening donation envelopes, checking in with Canada Helps, and saying thanks to all those wonderful people who decided to end their year by helping you start yours with money in the bank and joy in your hearts.

There’s a lot of advice on the care and retention of donors, but step 1 is simple: you have to thank them sincerely and quickly, and let them know how their donation makes a difference. “Receiving a thank-you and being shown how their gift has clearly furthered your organization’s mission are the two things donors want most.”

I don’t need to tell you, do I, that all thank you’s have to be out by Friday of this week? (This year’s prize for quickest and most delightful note of thanks goes to Kaeja d’Dance.)

This piece on amazing donation thank you letters should help kick start the writing process. It’s always a bit weird to read a thank you letter that sounds…strangely familiar, perhaps almost word for word like the one you received last time. Not good.

Pictures are good, and quotes from someone affected by the donation are excellent – not just as part of your year-end thank you, but often, through social and other media. I’d love to hear more from the artists themselves – not just the AD, but the writers, actors, production team members.

Small blessings coming our way. As of April 1 you should see a drop in the transaction cost of credit card ticket sales and donations, thanks to the federal government’s agreement with MasterCard and Visa to reduce interchange fees (charges paid by merchants when they process credit card payments) to an average of 1.50% of the transaction value. The reduction for charities is promised to be even greater.

This welcome development (and, I would argue, moral victory) is in response to continuous efforts by the charitable sector led by Imagine Canada. Good work, everyone.



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