Me and squirrels

by Jini Stolk

I don’t really like squirrels, for obvious reasons. This fall I purchased $68 worth of squirrel feed at the Stratford Farmers’ Market (in the form of beautifully colour coordinated tulip, fritillaria, crocus and allium bulbs) and watched the little critters nose their way through layers of hot chili powder to get at their snacks. No; I don’t much like squirrels.

However I also bought a few ears of decorative corn between shows that weekend. These came in handy at Thanksgiving, but were feeling de trop by early December. After thinking it over quite carefully, and calling on all the forces of my better nature, I put them out in the yard to be enjoyed, first come first served.

The next morning only the husks remained – but beside them was a shiny, silver-painted, woven Christmas decoration which I gratefully hung on our tree.

For 2015, I wish you many unexpected gifts, happy encounters, and joyful surprises.

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