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4 years

by Jini Stolk It’s been four years since I began writing this blog. Four whole years? Only four years? It’s hard to say which is the more accurate expression of how I feel about this engrossing labour of love, which has so far resulted in over 250 posts on the art of managing the arts. […]

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An intelligent community

by Jini Stolk My faith in Toronto is beginning to revive following the recent election. It felt so good to vote for principled people committed to throwing off the chaos and divisiveness of the past four years. Like many of you, my feelings about Toronto had been veering wildly from despair (we can’t get our […]

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Community bonding

by Jini Stolk The lack of reliable support for arts venues (and for those running, renting, maintaining, upgrading and renovating them) often feels like the elephant in the cultural policy room. Two recent meetings, one convened by the Toronto Arts Council and one by the Metcalf Foundation, acknowledged the additional pressures (including but not exclusively […]

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Stopping by the ROM on a Friday evening

by Jini Stolk At 7 pm last Friday I was passing by the ROM and was intrigued to see a large line-up at the doors. Interesting. But on my way back home at 9 pm, I was really intrigued to see an even larger line-up, all Gen-Y’s it seemed, dressed for a night on the […]

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