Two gems

by Jini Stolk

Site visits by funders seem to be much more common in the States than they are here – although I can’t think of many better ways to gain an understanding of an organization than by visiting its work place. But if you do have a site visit in your future, this piece by my new favourite blogger, Seattle’s Vu Le, contains wise advice and some home truths (see point #4, and weep…) It’s also very funny, so be prepared to lose a few hours surfing through his posts and falling off your chair laughing.

I’ve frequently offered grateful thanks to the Nonprofit Quarterly, which remains one of my favourite sources of thought-provoking writing, wise advice and strong progressive analysis of nonprofit issues. They’ve recently been fundraising online (and doing it extremely well, not surprisingly) and I was happy to contribute. Another of their reader-donors described it well: “NPQ is like MapQuest for my professional life.” 

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