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Art saves Detroit?

by Jini Stolk Having just finished Toronto Arts Facts, which provides strong evidence of the value and benefits of the arts to our City, I was still stunned to discover the extent to which Detroit’s survival could be tied to its major arts institution. The always insightful Rick Cohen describes in the Nonprofit Quarterly how […]

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Sprinting to catch up with sports

by Jini Stolk The recent World Cup (remember?) made me think again about the huge emotional connection people have to sports events, compared to the more restrained connection they seem to have to the arts. Public vs. private enjoyment, you might say. The power of the crowd vs. profound internal impact, you might add. But […]

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Damned if we do

by Jini Stolk I’m still reeling from the anti-spam legislation, so this recent headline in the Toronto Star seemed distinctly de trop: “Generous North York Widow Flooded with Charity Junk Mail.” This junk mail, we are told, consists of an admittedly very large number of funding requests from a variety of charities and nonprofits, some […]

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Realizing the full potential of your events

by Jini Stolk We’ve all organized events where, at the end of the night, we ask ourselves “why?” We may have had a good turn out; all the work that went into getting in-kind donations may have paid off in auction income. But…did we develop new supporters? Did we engage attenders so they’ll come back […]

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