Enjoy the sun? Or get everything done?

by Jini Stolk

I was excited by a recent email about the important benefits of taking a vacation until I noticed that one of its major messages was the ease of using hotspots, web conferencing and file sharing while away. Phooey.

Did you know that a vacation can increase productivity and creativity (before you leave, as you try madly to complete every last thing on your to do list)?

Did you realize that people are often more productive and motivated after taking a vacation (despite lingering yearnings for days of unstructured happiness, pleasurable exercise interspersed with quiet reading, and beautiful views of sunlight bouncing off waves)?

Were you aware that you’re more likely to have a mental breakthrough when relaxed (although much less likely to do anything about it)?

The benefits of vacations include, we are told: greater happiness (check); increased vitamin D (double check); better concentration (what was I trying to work on before that memory of long leisurely strokes through salt water took over…?)

All this is to say that I know this set of blog posts is a bit overdue and I’m sorry, but I was taking a little time for myself. I hope you can all do the same this summer.

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