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Since you’re updating your website…

by Jini Stolk How do I know that many of you are updating your websites? Because two people in the past week, and two people in most other past weeks, have mentioned that that’s what they’re up to. Everyone’s website is in regular need of revision and updating. It’s a little like home renovations: a […]

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Supporting the next generation with generosity and shared purpose

by Jini Stolk I hear a lot about the need for change in the structure and leadership of arts organizations; I hear less about the many important changes that are already taking place. Don’t throw eggs: I’m not saying that the nonprofit arts have solved their problems and are all set to compete in our […]

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Rethinking the bottom line

by Jini Stolk Peter Brown used to say that working capital in an arts organization is like a toilet seat at a party: constantly up and down. I think we can all agree that life is better when it’s up. The performing arts are a volatile business and it can be incredibly difficult to regroup […]

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by Jini Stolk Have you read the wonderful book Nabokov’s Butterflies? It’s definitely different: an array of stories, poems, screenplays, selections from his novels, autobiography, lectures, letters and more about Vladimir Nabokov’s lesser known passion, lepidoptery. Butterflies. Because most of the writings are by Nabokov the book is brilliant and strangely fascinating. But what struck […]

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