Speak well. Listen better.

by Jini Stolk

I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’m taking Improv classes in the Fringe’s Creation Lab at the Centre for Social Innovation, but my computer’s spell-correct keeps changing the word to “improve.” Maybe it’s trying to tell me something.

It may seem an unlikely after work activity for me (and I’m not hoping for a second career as a comic!) but I sort of love it: because it’s a big scary stretch; because it combines a little bit of acting with a little bit of singing and a little bit of movement; because it’s such fun to get totally caught up in the moment and the scene; and because my classmates sometimes laugh when I’m funny and because I frequently laugh since they’re very funny. It’s terrific training in listening, trust and collaboration.

It’s also, I’ve realized, an excellent example of how powerful it can be to offer audiences opportunities for personal, creative involvement – thereby deepening their understanding and appreciation of the gifts and skills of professional performers.

Annex Improv : weekly Improv workshops led by award-winning Second Cityâ„¢ alumnus Brian Smith. Check it out and maybe join us.

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