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Business supporting the arts supporting community

by Jini Stolk I’m delighted that Business for the Arts, in partnership with the Toronto Arts Council and Canadian Heritage, is bringing artsVest to Toronto. artsVest is a sponsorship training and matching incentive program that offers local businesses the opportunity to double the impact of their investment, sparking innovative arts sponsorships. The program has been […]

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Collaboration: skill or instinct?

by Jini Stolk I’ve been invited to speak at an exciting new series in Peterborough: the Peterborough Centre for Social Innovation’s Innovation Talks. Ella Cooper from Neighbourhood Arts Network and I will be talking about collaboration and creative problem-solving to an audience from the worlds of business, nonprofits, government, economic development, academia, and the arts. […]

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Leadership through management: lessons from the master

by Jini Stolk Peter Drucker, who died in 2005, didn’t get to be famous for nothing. The guru of modern management offered these thoughts on the job of managers in The Daily Drucker: they set objectives, organize a structure to carry out the work, motivate and communicate, measure performance, and develop people, including themselves. They […]

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Fundraising new school and next gen

by Jini Stolk Gen X-ers’ attachment to the digital world has irretrievably changed the face of fundraising, according to a plethora of sources. It’s hard to keep track of all the new information and studies coming our way, and harder still to know how to adjust our fundraising strategies (to include a “cross-generational, cross-channel lifecycle […]

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Finding your balance on a new platform

by Jini Stolk I’m regularly reminded of the difficulty small companies face in finding the administrative support they need. Years ago I worked with four wonderfully talented and energetic choreographers who were beginning to be worn out by creating, producing and fundraising, all on their own, for their small companies. The shared administrative structure we […]

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An artist’s energy inspires new energy research

by Jini Stolk We’re working on a few exciting initiatives for Toronto’s Green Theatres this season, and I’m happy to say that there’s growing interest from companies that want to practice their environmental values at work.  Not only will we be exploring the opportunities and resources available for energy efficient facilities upgrades (including the new […]

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A gift to fundraisers

by Jini Stolk Because I know that everyone’s back in town and beginning to stress about fundraising, I want to share this clear and helpful infographic on How To Write An Annual Fundraising Appeal Letter by Tom Ahern and Jay Love of Bloomerang. Right at the top: The average response rate for new donors (Acquisitions) is […]

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Board and Governance Tool Kit Now Available!

By Jini Stolk and Melody Mui We’re very happy to announce that Creative Trust’s newest Open Source Tool Kit on Board and Governance, containing our most important internal documents, policies and discussion papers, has just been released. You’re warmly welcome to use or adapt any of its contents, from a governance overview, to the separate […]

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