On a roll about arts and leadership

by Jini Stolk

I’m definitely on a roll about the role the arts play in building leadership skills.

Here are four powerful and resonant reasons why arts training is better than business school at fostering leadership. People who study the arts learn how to lead a project from start to finish; manage dynamic people effectively; ensure total accountability; and practice big picture thinking.

This piece is in Inc., a blog for business entrepreneurs by a business entrepreneur, yet it expresses these ideas with more passion and conviction than I have seen in most arts education publications. If

we need reinforcement on the value of arts education from outside the arts world, here it is.

Although, really, we’ve all worked with young interns who’ve learned everything they know from putting on shows at school – and is there anything they can’t do well, from project management, to scheduling, to working within budget, to marketing, to collaboration…?

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