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Now available! Creative Trust’s Open Source Tool Kits

By Melody Mui and Jini Stolk We’re delighted to announce that Creative Trust’s most important internal documents and materials are being made freely available to anyone who wants to use, adapt or study them. Our first three Open Source Tool Kits, on Exploring the Feasibility, Grants and Awards Processes, and Expanding the Mandate are now […]

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On a roll about arts and leadership

by Jini Stolk I’m definitely on a roll about the role the arts play in building leadership skills. Here are four powerful and resonant reasons why arts training is better than business school at fostering leadership. People who study the arts learn how to lead a project from start to finish; manage dynamic people effectively; […]

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Getting results, avoiding mistakes

by Jini Stolk Most of us are using the summer months to research new funding prospects and prepare grant applications. It’s a task filled with hope, but let’s admit it: it’s not easy. However, it’s a whole lot easier to do it right and get funded than do it wrong and get rejected. I’ve found […]

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A luta continua

by Jini Stolk I just saw this tweet from Rosario Marchese, my Member of Provincial Parliament: “Just learned 235 arts organizations & 251 artists from Trinity-Spadina received @oac_cao grants last year. Amazing.” It is amazing. And it reminded me that the struggle continues for increased arts funding at City Council (thought it was over, did […]

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by Jini Stolk Why is undergoing, or undertaking, a job evaluation so often unnerving? An organization whose board I serve on recently gathered the best written materials, advice and personal experiences we could find in order to make our annual CEO evaluation positive and productive. We started by discussing and agreeing to the process, which […]

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by Jini Stolk I’ve recently been thinking that boards should be paying more attention to their own succession planning – as a way of ensuring “new freshness, new ideas and new energy.”  This thoughtful article from the Newsletter of the Canadian Federation of Friends of Museums lays out why boards must take responsibility for their […]

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The tourists are here

by Jini Stolk A friend who used to run T.O.TIX recently reminded me about a couple from upstate New York who came to the half-price ticket booth one summer almost 20 years ago, liked what they saw, and have returned every summer since to see theatre. This is the kind of enthusiasm that counts – […]

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Relief for procrastinators

by Jini Stolk I wanted to share this lovely excerpt from a letter written in 1639 by Fulvio Testi, about the artist Velasquez: “V is making a portrait of your highness which will be marvelous. However, like other men of talent, he has the defect of never finishing and of not telling the truth.” We […]

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