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Standing on the shoulders of visionaries

by Jini Stolk Over the past few months I had the sad but rather wonderful experience of attending memorial events for two titans of the theatre scene. Both George Luscombe and Tom Hendry were major forces in the development of our theatrical voice and community: unafraid of forging new ground; deep believers in the power […]

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Chicago, Chicago

by Jini Stolk Some things make you want to pack up and move. For me, it was the news that Toronto’s Sister City (and my old stomping ground) Chicago, has invested $1 million to implement the first Arts Education Plan for Chicago Public Schools – with the goal of ensuring that all students receive high-quality […]

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by Jini Stolk Moving ever further along the efficiency trail, I thought this piece about why sending long emails is not a good idea – because people don’t read them – and how to avoid writing them, was helpful. Thanks to Chris Luckhardt @motion blur media. for the link.

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Fundraising old school

by Jini Stolk The phone can still be a powerful instrument. I was reminded of this during a discussion with an arts admin friend about the challenges of…encouraging…an artistic director to call and thank donors. I sympathize: it can be an embarrassing prospect, at first. But it’s usually a wonderful pleasure to receive that call. […]

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