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Let’s hear it for the drama teachers

by Jini Stolk Who knew that being a drama teacher was such a contemptible career choice? Or that choosing to inspire children to express human emotions through the arts makes a person unfit for leadership? In Canada today, you live and learn. I am a bit surprised that the response from artists and arts lovers […]

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On audiences, by Patty Jarvis

by Jini Stolk I’ve had many responses to my recent post on strategic audience development. One of the most thoughtful and forward looking was from Patty Jarvis, a community leader with whom I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on the Performing Arts Education Overview – the first detailed look at educational activities by performing arts organizations […]

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I have another question

by Jini Stolk I was delighted to see the announcement  of the rebirth of a much needed Culture Build Investment Program at the City of Toronto. As you know, I also hope that over time we can begin to create a stronger connection between the arts and the heritage preservation objectives at the City. But […]

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by Jini Stolk New on the Creative Trust website! The learning materials from the Smart Data seminars in 2012-2013, prepared by Young Associates; a useful Primer for Directors of Not-for-Profit Corporations: Rights, Duties and Practices from Industry Canada; and a literature review and resources from Theatre Communications Group’s Audience (R)Evolution Convening this past February in Philadelphia. […]

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