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New look – continuing priorities

by Jini Stolk I’m delighted to introduce our newly designed e-newsletter, blog and website, truly launching Creative Trust’s Research Fellowship at the Toronto Arts Foundation. This exciting new platform allows us to continue helping the arts sector grow stronger and more resilient – using the experience and knowledge of Creative Trust to build the skills […]

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What kind of community support is needed for new facilities?

by Jini Stolk In response to my recent post on TO’s mid-size theatres sitch a number of people have asked what kind of support I’d like to see the arts community giving to Toronto’s new theatre renovation projects. It doesn’t have to be financial, but money never hurts and you don’t have to be rich […]

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What’s the ONN doing for me

by Jini Stolk You may know that I’ve been involved in the Ontario Nonprofit Network since its inception, and am now acting as its Chair. In the beginning, in addition to my passionate support for much of the work that nonprofit organizations are doing in our province, I wanted to be sure that the arts […]

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Making your donors happy

by Jini Stolk I have noticed while sitting on the Business for the Arts and the Toronto Arts Awards juries that there’s often a lack of good, enthusiastic nominations for the  Globe and Mail Business for the Arts Partnership Awards and the Toronto Arts and Business Award . Both are due in April so there’s time […]

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Mining data for gold

by Jini Stolk People know that I’m not really a data-analyzing, number-crunching kind of person – but I’m going to talk about data and audiences once again. As I said in a recent post , I find myself getting excited about the untapped value of the information and insights in our databases. It almost makes me […]

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