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More on boards

I’ve decided that I’m going to write about boards every time someone speaks to me about their troubles with contentious meetings; fear of risk; lack of respect; backroom decision-making; refusal to leave when one’s time is up – among the more frequent complaints I hear. This is not to say that all board troubles are […]

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Why art matters

For those Friends of the Arts who went head-to-head with hard to convince councillors at TAPA’s 2ndAnnual Arts Day at the City on November 14th, Creative Trust’s Resources  contains some of the most persuasive and cogent arguments on why art matters, and why it should be supported. In preparation for your next meetings, take a […]

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Getting down to work: expanding audiences with Donna Walker-Kuhne

  Did any of us really think there was an easy way to bring new audiences into our theatres? Donna Walker Kuhne reaffirmed in her workshops on September 27th and 28th that there are no shortcuts. Anyone looking to expand their audience has to be completely committed, willing to work hard, and in it for […]

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Advice for the Mayor’s arts task force

I don’t know why, but I found myself thinking about the Mayor’s Arts and Theatres Task Force, currently examining Toronto’s arts support and the future of three City-owned theatres,  when reading If You’re Serious about System Reform, Peter Block Has a Recipe for You in Maytree’s October newsletter . Block says that real institutional or […]

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Expanding audiences with Donna Walker-Kuhne

After Donna Walker-Kuhne’s presentation on Diversifying Audiences, I wanted to leap from my seat and devote my life to marketing the arts. Speaking on September 27th to members of the Creative Trust, CPAMO (Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario), and CCI: The Ontario Presenter’s Network, the power of Donna’s message is based on her […]

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Community Capital Funds

Creative Trust has been outspoken about the challenges and lack of adequate funding for Toronto performing arts companies trying to renovate or repair their often heritage venues.  It’s time to say a loud thank you to the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Community Capital Fund for their recent generous support of a number of our […]

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Promotional videos work for me

The Company Theatre’s powerful on-line videos for The Test  (now running at The Berkeley Street Theatre in co-production with Canadian Stage) had me hooked from the start. Interviews with co-artistic directors Philip Riccio and Allan Hawco, candid scenes from rehearsals,  commentary as the show evolved from director Jason Byrne, cast members Eric Peterson, Sonja Smits, […]

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What managers need to know about how artists work

I remember my visceral reaction when I first heard George Thorn and Nello McDaniel say that the work of an arts organization – whether in the admin office, fundraising department or boardroom – should be consistent with its artistic process. It was like a lightning strike. I immediately felt that I understood and agreed; things […]

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New insights into audiences from Alan Brown and the OAC

Developing new audiences is necessarily a collaborative enterprise, and the Ontario Arts Council added considerably to the available body of knowledge on how people value and engage with the arts with its recently released Ontario Arts Engagement Study by Alan Brown. Alan returned to Toronto on October 13 to present the report’s findings and, once […]

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Good artists copy. Great new arts coalitions steal…

While working on the final draft of the Performing Arts Education Overview – a study by Creative Trust and the Professional Arts Ontario Network for Education (PAONE) of the scope of arts education activities by music, theatre, dance and opera companies in Toronto and the GTA – I received my latest e-newsletter from Music Makes […]

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