Philanthropists and diversity

As we prepare for Donna Walker Kuhne’s upcoming sessions on Diversifying Audiences (September 20-21) the latest issue of The Philanthropist, featuring a collection of articles on diaspora, might be thought-provoking and useful reading.

Focusing on issues and themes of special interest to charitable donors, The Philanthropist can be equally valuable for nonprofit managers and fundraisers. In this issue, I was particularly interested in Archana Sridhar’s article “An Opportunity to Lead: South Asian Philanthropy in Canada,” which examines the philanthropic history of South Asians in Canada and the diversity of their giving. Sandra Wilking’s piece “Beyond Awareness: Engaging Ethnocultural/Racial Communities – the Chinese-Canadian Experience,” offers eight valuable lessons to assist in cultivating enthnocultural/racial diversity. And Winnie Hwo, from the David Suzuki Foundation, in “DSF Public Engagement with Ethnic Canadians,” discusses how they are engaging ethnic Canadian communities in their climate change initiatives.

Jini Stolk

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