Data, data everywhere

We all know that collecting data – about our audiences, our donors, our neighbourhood and partners – serves no purpose unless we know how to find it and what to do with it.

We realized, early in our Audiences Project, that our members’ outdated systems and databases were holding them back from applying what they learned. While our companies understood the benefits of  segmenting their lists, tracking buying preferences and linking donation history to ticket buying history, many of their systems made such practices impossible.

In response we organized workshops on Finding and Using the Right Technology; Using Technology to Diversify and Create Value for Your Audiences; and Making the Right Choice in database upgrades and ticketing software. Since late 2009, over 15 organizations have made the transition to new databases, bolstering their relationships with donors and audience members.

The Australian Government is helping their arts organizations turn “data into audiences” by publishing a terrific manual titled Full House: Turning Data into Audiences, by Roger Tomlinson and Tim Roberts. First published by the Arts Council of Great Britain this updated guide to using data for marketing, sales, service, and fundraising, offers detailed and sound advice on  becoming a  more “customer focused” organization.

Shana Hillman

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