Who’s reading TrUSt?

When we launched this blog just a few short months ago we had high hopes of engaging in a wider discussion about capacity, audiences and facilities in the arts; building a broader community of learning around these issues; and discovering new opportunities for sharing and collaboration.

So how’s that goin’, you might ask.

Well, according to our analytics about 200 people read every post, and the same amount are choosing to get their information through our Facebook and Twitter feeds. We’re drawing readers mostly from Canada and the US but also significant numbers from the UK and handfuls of people from such far flung locations as India, Finland, Dubai and the Netherlands!

Most importantly we wanted our online presence to spark conversations and sharing. A wise social media marketer told us at the beginning that we should allow for conversation everywhere: the blog, Facebook and Twitter and that our followers would reveal where they wanted to have their conversations and we could then decide where to focus the most energy. Almost 3 months in and we have noticed some definite preferences emerging. While the blog is enabled for comments the majority of our conversations are happening on Facebook. We’ve since enabled the discussions app on our Facebook page and are beginning to moderate conversations about our blog posts and timely articles there.

Our most popular posts for click through and sharing are anything to do with audiences – growing, engaging or tracking them. This isn’t a surprise to us as obviously as this is a hot topic for arts managers across the country and around the world. This is followed closely by articles on facilities development and arts education.

We’ve still got a lot to share, and so do you. We look forward to continuing to learn, change and grow together.

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