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Engaging audiences: a community challenge

We had more in mind when we launched Creative Trust’s groundbreaking Engaging Audiences Project (highlights of which included the Audience Engagement Survey and one-on-one audience interviews), than helping our members intensify the impact of their audiences’ experience, leading to more frequent and satisfying attendance. We also wanted to explore how we could work together to […]

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Where facilities and the environment intersect

Are Toronto’s aging performance venues part of our energy problem or part of the solution? We’re hoping to use collaboration and creative thinking to become part of the solution. Inspired by London’s Green Theatre Plan and Ben Todd’s work at the Arcola Theatre, Creative Trust has been developing Toronto’s Green Theatres. This new project will […]

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Who’s reading TrUSt?

When we launched this blog just a few short months ago we had high hopes of engaging in a wider discussion about capacity, audiences and facilities in the arts; building a broader community of learning around these issues; and discovering new opportunities for sharing and collaboration. So how’s that goin’, you might ask. Well, according […]

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Is your board Governing with Soul?

Marjorie Sharpe’s new book about compassion, caring – and, yes, soul – as a factor in how boards work brings a new vocabulary and an interesting new perspective to the topic of good governance. It is a deeply felt, values and vision based approach. Her emphasis on respect, fulfillment, compassion and shared values will feel […]

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Engaging Audiences face to face

by Jini Stolk You can learn a lot from participating in a survey of almost 3,700 audience members – as the 20 music, theatre, dance and opera companies who took part in Creative Trust’s study of performing arts attenders in Toronto discovered. But the survey results really hit the fan when you’re sitting across a […]

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